Pet Urine Wood Floor

pet urine wood floor

pet urine wood floor - OUT! Hard

OUT! Hard Surface Pet Stain and Odor remover, 32 oz.

OUT! Hard Surface Pet Stain and Odor remover, 32 oz.

We’ve made cleaning up after pets a lot easier. From carpets, to hard floors to litter boxes, we have a solution to get that satin or odor OUT!, plus all OUT! Products are safe around pets and children, so no worries. Hard floors, easy solution, use OUT! Hard Surface Stain and Odor Eliminator. Keep them clean with this proven and powerful formula. Odor neutralizers permanently eliminate odors, not just mask the scent. Safe to use on sealed hard wood floors, special stones, concrete, tile, vinyl and other hard to clean surfaces.

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Her life ..............

Her life ..............

................has changed a lot in 2008. ‘Meis’ was living with approximately 20 other cats in an ordinary house. In September 2008 the owner of the cats decided to commit suicide (fortunately outside the house, in the woods). Nobody seemed to know that he was “taking care” of 20 cats. So one day, when bills were no longer paid, the enforcement officer was paying this man a visit. Since no one answered the door, the police had to break down the front door and there they found these 20 cats. About eight cats were already dead and the other cats that were still alive were in very poor condition and not far from starvation. They had not been fed for weeks and had no fresh water. The house was filthy and the floor was covered with faeces and urine. All the living cats were transferred to the animal shelter to recover. Meis weight was 2 kilo at that time and she was estimated to be 2 or 3 years old. So that’s heavily underweighted!

On October 11, I went to this animal shelter to look for two new cats and there I met Meis. It was love at first sight. She was so skinny ! No flesh to the bones at all ! Her fur was like a shaved teckel, she had cat flu and she was ever so scared. She lives with me for 2,5 months now and she has completely recovered. Her weight is now 3,6 kilo, her fur is shining and she is very lively and playful. She is still a little shy and obsessed with food. Of course !
‘Mooi’, the other cat I took with me that day is a real ‘Aristocat’, whose owner couldn’t take care of her any longer. I think both cats are happy with their new lives, with each other and with me ( I hope). So .... 2008 was a fantastic year for the three of us !

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Explored !

hole in the wall

hole in the wall

a mockup i did of the mouse fascade i thought would go well in an aquarium setting.

the completed project would have been constructed to the standards of homes built in the 1930s to 1940s except with mouse-safe materials. these standards would include baseboard shape(and necessary period-mitering techniques), paint (or wallpaper), lath and plaster(lath were once used to support the plaster before drywall existed), floor support, floor pads(in the case of carpeting), floor covering(such as wood), bakelite outlet cover, and an inert original outlet unit.

ultimately the environment would be made to breakdown over time. it would be safely sealed to prevent urine and fecal contamination, but eventaully the entire aquarium insert would need to be replaced to remain sanitary. the behind-the-wall framework and the faux-electrical cable extending from the inert outlet would provide climbable entertainment and adventure for the pet mouse. in addition, small "prompt"ing holes would be cut into the flooring behind the "wall" which would allow the mice immediate access to the "basement." the basement would contain bedding that would give the feel of actual "home insulation." this would allow the mice to explore their instincts further while giving them some private space.

as a small note: the "insert" or "system" would be made in several parts. This would allow for easier replacement of parts that wear faster than others.

pet urine wood floor

pet urine wood floor

Stink Free Hardfloor Pet Stain & Odor Remover 32 Fl.oz.

STINK FREE HARDFLOOR Stain & Odor Remover is designed specifically to combat pet stains and odors on hardfloors. UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED to remove pet stains and ALL urine odors, INCLUDING THOSE THAT ONLY PETS CAN SMELL. It eliminates both the odor and its source with no residue and no rinsing required. IDEAL FOR USE ON: Sealed Wood, Vinyl No-Wax, Ceramic & Travertine Tile, Marble, Linoleum, Concrete , Laminate, Cork PROFESSIONAL STRENGTH. Completely and Permanently Removes Pet Stain and Urine Odors. RESULTS GUARANTEED! DIRECTIONS: Sweep floor. Spray cleaner on floor and wipe with a microfiber wet/dry mop. For best results, spot treat any heavily soiled area. Do not use on wax finish floors. Avoid contact with skin and eyes and use necessary precautions in unvented areas.

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